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Danielle Teboul

I need help building an app. Have a budget of $50,000?
Hi everyone, I'm looking at building a CRM app for the real estate industry. Budget limit is $50,000. Please reach out to me should you be able to help.

Hitesh Mestry

How can I get lower transaction fees for Stripe? (or a waiver of fees)
I love Stripe but their fees are pretty high. Is there a way to get it reduced or waived? Would be awesome to be able to get lower transaction fees as it will help our profitability (we are a startup).

Rufus Duo

How much should you pay fresh graduate employees in a startup?
How do you decide how much to pay employees? Is it usually based on the fresh graduate rate?

Zaneti S

Anyone here uses SEMRush? How has it helped you rank on Google better?
Anyone here use SEMRush? How has it helped you rank your business higher on Google/Baidu?

Robin Fallaria

How to start a business in Singapore?
I'm planning to open and/or expand a company in Singapore. I know other procedures to incorporate a business in SG, rules, and regulations must require a local partner, etc.

Jones Hilton

Google Oct 2022 Spam Update Recovery help?
I have a fairly high traffic site that got most of its visitors from Google (organic). But ever since October 2022's "Google Spam Update", my site traffic has taken a nose-dive, falling nearly 95%. Any ideas on how I can recover from this quickly? Appreciate any advice. Not sure if I'm affected from the general Google Algorithm Update or spam update.


How can I find talent more effectively?
Any suggestions on how I can hire quicker and better? Many platforms are expensive and slow. Would love recommendations and even collab opportunities if anyone here is in the hiring space.

Azzurra Roberto

Could Grab's share price go below $5 and become a "penny stock"?
I invested quite heavily into Grab when they went public, and now the price is falling significantly, hovering around $5. Any thoughts on this?

Nicole Aba

I need investors to fund my business. Are there any investors here who are willing to help me?
I need to raise funds to have extra capital this peak season. Im also willing to present my pitch deck and maybe we can set up an online meeting or meet up in person, to those who are willing to go in Metro Manila.


Tips for investing in startup companies?
Hi BEAMSTART family, I'm new to investing and keen to understand how people actually make money investing in startups. I've heard the failure rate is very high, and some startups don't make profits for a very long time. How does one get their returns effectively?

Mark Lester

How to find remote jobs & freelance jobs in Asia?
Where can we find quality remote jobs & freelance jobs in Asia region?


How do I connect our existing company profile to my profile?
New here and need some help on setting up my page.

L Elias

What is the best news app in the Philippines?
Besides Google News, what are other good news reader apps that focuses on the Philippines market?

Ivan Fortuna

What tip you would provide to the person that wants to launch the next big thing?
Every moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won’t create a social network. If you are copying these guys, you aren’t learning from them. Here we gathered a list of great books to build a strategy for your startup. Check it out:

Allison Todd

How do boost self-confidence to grow businesses?
Life is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. I’m here to help you remove any obstacles that may be holding you back, including self-doubt, lack of confidence, and self-image problems. You can know your goals, be clear on your strengths and talents and take that knowledge with you wherever you go. My passion is to help women who want to change their lives through personal development coaching and workshops.

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