"Imagine being able to invest in companies like Facebook, AirBnb, and Dropbox when they were starting out. They would've brought tremendous returns. Unfortunately these companies are hard to spot in the beginning, and very few have access to invest in them. That's what the BEAMSTART Investor Community is all about — To bring the best deals, education, and support for people who invest in innovation for the future."

Why Join?

The best investors have tremendous support

High Quality Deals

Everyday, hundreds of business owners are seeking to raise funds on BEAMSTART. Some of these are high potential companies worth investing in.

We introduce them to you after filtering them thoroughly.

Valuable Investor Connections

Investing should never be done alone.

We introduce you to other investors who you can connect with, share experiences, and build long-lasting friendships.

Legal & Paperwork

Save thousands on professional fees as we handle all legal aspects of the deal.

These includes term sheets, contracts, due-diligence, and more.

On-going Consult & Advisory

Our team has extensive experience of building and growing companies, as well as investing in them.

Get help anytime from us when in doubt, as we'll have you covered at all times.

Portfolio Management & Reporting

Upon making an investment in any company, we carefully monitor and provide regular reports on the status of the company.

These include growth numbers, financials, market conditions and more.

Invitation to Investor-Only Events

We organize regular gatherings and events just for our community of investors.

It is one of the best ways to build new connections, gain new insights, and discover new opportunities.

Exclusive Content & Insights

Get access to high quality content that is insightful and educational.

These content are specially curated just for investors in the community, many of them from individuals with deep investing background.

Support for your Companies

We're more than just an investor community, but a global platform for business.

We can provide the necessary support for your portfolio companies to give them a greater chance at success.

Deals we Recommend

All deals go through our stringent screening process.

Good Team & Management

We ensure the business is run by a solid management team with experience.

Solves a Real Problem

The business must bring tremendous value by solving a real problem in society.

Has Existing Customers

The business must have existing customers to validate there is a market need.

Large Market

There is a large market that the business can address and capture.

Innovative & Unique

The business has a unique innovation that makes it hard to replicate.

High Potential Growth

The business has the potential to scale and grow very quickly through replication.

Better Everyday

We're more than a community. We're a family.

A Growing Investors Community

Everyday, thousands of CEOs, Business Leaders, and Professionals join BEAMSTART. The community gets bigger and better everyday!

Safe & Secure

We take safety and security of our community very seriously. For that reason, every profile on BEAMSTART is verified for authenticity.

Extensive Support Network

We are continuously adding more mentors and experts to our network who can support you and your portfolios.

Priority Customer Support

Every member will be connected with an online personal assistant to provide the best customer support to every single community member.

Affordable for Everyone

We'll add tremendous value to your business and career.

4 - 10 High Quality Deals a month (sometimes more)
Investors-only content and insider information
A dedicated assistant for any investment-related matters
Due-diligence support for all deals
Portfolio management and reporting for all investments
Marketing & fundraising assistance for companies invested in.
Exchange unlimited messages with online community
Invitations to Investor-only events / education sessions
Discounts and perks to partner products & services
and lots more!

All of the above for just:

$99 / year

That's less than $0.30 a day.


What others have to say about our community

One of the best communities for people who want to invest in early stage companies.

Sean O'Sullivan, Managing General Partner, SOSV

If you're starting out with angel investing, it's one of the best places to get access to deals and the support you need moving forward.

William Bao Bean, Managing Director, Chinaccelerator/MOX

Personally invested in several companies here. Highly recommended for any angel investor.

Sandeep Argawal, CFO, Mulia Group

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