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What is Grab's business model?

Can someone summarize how Grab makes money? I understand they have many different services like food and ride hailing. What else is there?

What is your startup about? Why is it awesome?

Would love to hear more about the startup you're building.

Alternative investment fund managers, what do they do and how do they help?

What do alternative investment fund managers do? What do they invest in and how does it work most of the time?

15h ago1 answer

How do you make money with Blockchain / Crypto?

For those who have, how do you make money in the Blockchain / Crypto space? Always open to suggestions on ways to earn more.

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How should we evaluate a potential investor?

What are the criteria start-ups should consider?

15h ago3 answers

What are some philosophies that aided you in your daily lives ?

I am curious on how different philosophies can portray different outlooks on life in general.

20h ago3 answers

Will ByteDance go public? Where can I buy their shares if they do?

Hoping to get in early on the deal when ByteDance goes public. Where can I buy their shares?

20h ago2 answers

Companies Fundraising

What jobs are popular today among fresh graduates?

Much has changed since before the pandemic. What jobs are popular among fresh graduates today?

What are some popular news websites from Asia?

Doing some research on Asia, can someone list a couple of news sites that are popular?

20h ago1 answer

What is the cheapest job posting site for recruiters with many jobseekers?

I'm a recruiter looking to find good talent for my companies. What are some of the best and cheapest job posting sites out there? Preferably those that have have high number of jobseekers.

1d ago1 answer

Where can I find a complete list of startups in Southeast Asia?

Where are some good places to find a list of all the startups in Southeast Asia alongside their data/revenue/funding? Am doing some research on companies.

1d ago1 answer

Asian Entrepreneurs, who are some popular ones you look up to?

Who are some successful Asian Entrepreneurs that you know and look up to?

1d ago1 answer

Where can I get free Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits?

Looking to set up a new website and I heard Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you get free hosting if you have a credits code. Would appreciate the help if anyone can point me in the right direction.

1d ago2 answers

How to increase social channels engagement?

We are running a B2C startup. How can we increase customer engagements in our social channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube?

1d ago4 answers

Has anyone heard of Meme Marketing ?

I would like to explore how this space can drive traffic

What are some venture capitalists or angel investors you look up to ?

I would love to hear your suggestions and allow people to expand their horizons

Does meditation work for entreprenuers?

Many entrepreneurs here have been giving positive feedbacks after learning meditation. Is it working for you?

3d ago4 answers

Tips and advice on managing between your side hustle and your job ?

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice as I would like to venture down this path in the future

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