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Network and Get Introduced to a global community of CEOs/Startup founders, Investors/High Net-worth Individuals, Business Leaders, Industry Experts, and more.

Find Deals & Clients

Get introduced to exclusive investment deals, business partnerships, new clients, and more.

Our goal is to help you achieve more and go further.

Meet Investors & Raise Funds

Get connected with a global network of investors/funds and fundraise effectively for your business.

If you're an investor, get access to high quality deals, community, and portfolio support.

Hire Talent / Find a Job

For business owners, easily hire and browse through a huge database of skilled professionals from all over the world.

For professionals, easily discover the latest startup jobs.

Community Discussions

View all insightful community discussions covering topics on starting up, investing, fundraising, deal-sourcing, and more. It's the best place to learn and tap into insights from a global community.

News, Insights, & Resources

Make better decisions with useful insights, exclusive content, and discussion groups.

Stay updated with the latest news to make better decisions.

Exclusive Event Invitations

Gain exclusive access to special events, community meet ups, conferences, and more.

On top of that, get access to regular invite-only gatherings and workshops exclusively for our community members.

Free Perks & Discounted Services

Save thousands of dollars by tapping into free perks / discounts from our network of partners.

If you're a service provider, we'll even share your service for free!

Expert Support

Get support when it comes to building your business, angel investing, or for your career.

Our community of experts are always available to provide you the support you need throughout your journey.

A Diverse Community

Angel Investors come from all walks of life

C-Level & High Net-worth

CEOs, Directors, Business Owners, High Net-worth, and more.

Investors & Financiers

Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Financiers, and many others.

Government Representatives

Government agencies, ministries, industry enablers.

Corporate Professionals

Working professionals, corporate executives, and many more.

Solutions Providers

Marketing, Operations, Professional Services, and more.

Creatives & Freelancers

Freelance designers, programmers, writers, and more.

News / Media

Journalists, Reporters, Editors, and many more.

Non-Profit & Social Enterprises

Charities, NGOs, social enterprises, and more.

Graduates & Students

Fresh graduates, interns, part timers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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BEAMSTART is a global community and resource hub for startups and entrepreneurship. We cover the latest startup/business news, provide a platform for professional/business networking, and curate a broad array of resources for businesses.

BEAMSTART offers a wide array of tools that allow anybody to:
  • Form valuable business/professional connections.
  • Promote their business to find clients/customers/leads.
  • Raise capital or invest in businesses.
  • Hire talent effectively, especially remote/online talent.
  • Discover the latest business news and events.
  • and lots more!
  • Why become a BEAMSTART Member?

    BEAMSTART's Membership is all about bringing together a global community of like-minded people who love business, investments, innovation, and self improvement.

    We believe that being part of a community allows you to achieve more, invest better, and opens up tremendous opportunities in the long term.

    What can I do as a BEAMSTART Member?

    Plenty! Here are some of the things you can do as a member:
    • Filter & connect with a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, professionals, and much more
    • Get access to exclusive investment deals and business opportunities
    • Get access to exclusive news, content, insights, and more
    • Promote your business and get leads
    • Discover and join business and entrepreneurial events in your region.
    • Hire and find exciting career opportunities
    • Connect with a huge list of investors if you're fundraising
    • Get access to many quality investment deals
    and lots more!

    Can I cancel my membership anytime?

    Yes of course. Memberships are designed to be flexible and to provide the most value to you.

    I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still become a member?

    Of course! We welcome everyone, as long as you have the passion for entrepreneurship and plan to start something (or invest in something) someday.

    Is there a membership fee to join?

    BEAMSTART's membership fee is just $19 / every quarter (just $0.20 daily), and allows us to continuously commit to serving the community better.

    Fees are used to cover costs to create useful content, organise events, improving the digital platform, and ensure the community remains awesome.

    BEAMSTART is a hub for everything Startups, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Connect with a global community of people, and stay updated with the latest startup jobs, news, and discussions.

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