Exclusive Angel Investors Club.

Invest in the best startups. Gain access to high quality deals, resources, community, and more.

Why It's Great.

We simplify it for you.

High Quality Startup Deals

Startups have the potential to yield extremely high investment returns.

We filter them through our data-driven scoring system and recommend the best deals to you.

Education & Community

Investing should never be done alone.

We introduce you to other investors in the network who you can connect with, share experiences, and build long-lasting friendships.

Lots of Support

We provide extensive support with your investments, ranging from deal evaluation, structuring, paperwork, consult, and even portfolio management. Everything you need to invest effectively in companies.

Liquidity & Share Sales

We provide support to sell your shares in companies you've invested in via our platform by connecting you to other potential investors in the network who might be interested.

Lots of Support for Investors.

We handle the tedious parts.

Deal Evaluation

We help you screen through and evaluate deals to ensure they are of the highest quality. Deals are evaluated through our proprietary scoring system too.

Structuring & Legal

Save over $10k+ on legal fees. When you're ready to make an investment, we will assist with structuring the entire deal for you. This goes from term sheets to legal contracts and paperwork.

Portfolio Management & Reporting

The hardest part after investing is growing your portfolio of companies. We provide extensive support to help them grow, as well as regular reports to keep you updated.

Consult and Education

We provide on-going consult and support for your learning to ensure you gain a deeper understanding about angel investing.

What Members Receive

Lifetime membership for investors

4 - 10 High Quality Investment Deals a month (sometimes more)
Daily curated news on investing and startup funding
Exclusive resources and content for club members
Invitations to Investor-only events / education sessions
A dedicated personal assistant for any investment-related matters
Due-diligence and deal evaluation support for all deals
Legal support and paperwork worth over $20,000 in value
Portfolio management and reporting for all investments/startups
Marketing & fundraising assistance for companies invested in.
Hiring support for portfolio companies
Exchange unlimited messages with other investors via the app
Discounts and perks to partner products & services
A 'verified investor badge' on your profile page
Introduction to other investors in the community
and lots more!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us clear your doubts.

What is the BEAMSTART Angel Investors Club / Network about?

The BEAMSTART Investors Club / Network is a global community of people who are passionate about angel investing.

Our mission is to simplify the process of angel investing, and to empower more entrepreneurs (and innovators) who are building world-changing solutions with early stage capital.

What kind of people are in this community?

The community of investors include high net-worth individuals, successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, fund managers, investment bankers, and many more.

It is a network of people who love investing, and are passionate about getting involved with companies in their early stages.

What is an angel investor? How do I become one?

An angel investor (also known as a private investor, seed investor, or angel funder) is a high net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company.

Anyone can become an angel investor, as long as you are willing to invest into companies in their early stages.

I'm new to this, does BEAMSTART provide education for angel investors?

Yes we do. We provide online consulting sessions, as well as regular monthly/quarterly events for investors.

We cover everything you need to do about deal evaluation, structuring, legal, portfolio management, and more. It is an extremely valuable set of skills to learn, and can be very useful for investing in various asset classes.

Does BEAMSTART recommend deals to Investor club members?

Yes we do. While we receive hundreds of pitches/deals on a monthly basis, we only recommend an average of 8 - 10 of the highest quality deals a month to investors.

Do you provide investment support?

Yes we do. We provide a broad range of support ranging from:
  • Deal screening, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Legal (Deal Structuring), Paperwork, and Due Diligence
  • Consult and Education
  • Regular Investor Gatherings
  • Portfolio Company Support (Fundraising, Marketing, HR, Legal, Tax, etc.)
  • Reporting and Portfolio Monitoring
  • and lots more...

I'm interested in joining. Am I eligible?

You can apply to become a member via the application form above. We conduct an interview with all investors to ensure that they are suited for the culture of the community, and have the financial capacity to be angel investors.

Is there a membership fee to join?

BEAMSTART's membership fee is just $19 / every 3 months ($0.20 a day), and allows us to continuously commit to serving the community better.

Fees are used to cover costs to create useful content, organise events, improving the digital platform, and ensure the community remains awesome.

BEAMSTART is a hub for everything Startups, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Connect with a global community of people, and stay updated with the latest startup jobs, news, and discussions.


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