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Back-End Developer (Node.JS)




Head of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit an application for a job opening here?

Upon submitting a job application here on BEAMSTART, the details of your application will be sent directly to the company that is hiring (usually the HR team).
If you're a suitable candidate, the company will typically respond to you within a week via email or phone.
Do take note that sometimes this process could be longer for some companies, and not all companies may reply.

I haven't received a reply after submitting my job application.

This is normal and we recommend applying for more than 1 company.
Do take note that some companies may take a longer time to get back to you.
Also kindly ensure that the information you've filled up is accurate.

I'm hiring and would like to add jobs to the list. How do I go about this?

Simply register for an account with BEAMSTART by signing up as a member (we have a low quarterly fee for this).
Once you're signed in, you will be able to create an "Organization Profile".
Once you're logged in to your organization's profile, you click on the 'Jobs' page and then click 'Post Job'. You will be able to post an unlimited number of jobs.

The job role I'm looking for isn't listed. What should I do?

If a job role does not exist, it may still be in the database.
We recommend trying to search for keywords associated with your job via the search field instead.

What are some job perks to look out for?

Some perks to look out for are jobs that allow remote work or have employee stock options.

I've discovered a job here that has expired. How do I report it?

If you spotted an expired job, please do not hesitate to report it to us via the contact page here — our team will have it rectified within the day.
In normal instances, jobs older than 30 days are automatically flagged as 'expired' by the system.


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