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Media Development Investment Fund

Jon M.

Jon M.



Envisioning a shared future through partnership, collaboration and empathy

Kuok Group Singapore

Kuok Group Singapore

To bring Entrepreneural Spirit, Heart and Ambition to Business in Asia

Toby Carrodus

Toby Carrodus

Quantitative Research & Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Verified Investor"?

A "Verified Investor" is a profile/company that our team at BEAMSTART has internally vetted and communicated with.

These are also investors that you can submit your business proposals (pitch decks) to directly via their profile on BEAMSTART.

The purpose of adding the "Verified Investor" badge is to increase both credibility and deal-flow for these investors.

What is the difference between a "Managing Partner", "General Partner", and "Associate" in an investment firm?

In an investment firm, the roles of Managing Partner, General Partner, and Associate differ in terms of their responsibilities and level of authority within the firm's hierarchy:
  • Managing Partner: The Managing Partner is typically the senior-most partner in the firm. They are responsible for overseeing the firm's overall operations, setting its strategic direction, and representing the firm externally. Managing Partners often have a significant ownership stake in the firm and play a key role in decision-making.
  • General Partner: General Partners are senior members of the firm who are responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities, managing portfolio companies, and raising capital from investors. They also typically have ownership stakes in the firm. General Partners are involved in making investment decisions and managing the firm's investment portfolio.
  • Associates / Analysts: Associates (sometimes also known as "Analysts") are typically entry-level professionals in an investment firm. They support the General Partners and Managing Partners in sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, and monitoring portfolio companies. Associates often have a more analytical and research-focused role, helping the senior partners make informed investment decisions.
Overall, Managing Partners have the highest level of authority and responsibility, followed by General Partners who are responsible for managing investments, and Associates who provide support to the senior members of the firm.

I'm an investor and would like to add my profile to the list. How do I go about this?

Simply register for an account with BEAMSTART by signing up as a member (we have a low quarterly fee for this).

Once you're signed in, you will be able to create an "Organization Profile" and add it to the investors list by selecting "Venture Capital and Private Equity" or "Investments" from the "Organization Category" field.

I need help raising funds. Can you assist me fundraise instead?

Yes we can. Please reach out to us directly via this page.

Kindly take note that this would fall under our fundraising service, with fees ranging between 3% - 8% of funds raised.

The information listed here is inaccurate. How do I report it?

If you spotted an error, please do not hesitate to report it to us via the contact page here — our team will have it rectified within the day.


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