Top 10 Online Stores in Malaysia with Local Deliveries and Cashback

Want to sell online? These are some of the best online stores in Malaysia that provide one-click local deliveries and even cashback loyalty programs

Vrisha Phrabhakaran

10 Feb, 2022

Top 10 Online Stores in Malaysia with Local Deliveries and Cashback | BEAMSTART News

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Today, nearly everything is sold online.

For new business owners, one of the biggest challenges is setting up their very own online store that is affordable and reliable.

Well look no further, as this article dives into details on some of the best online stores that come with local deliveries.

1. Branded Store

Branded Store provides offline stores with a convenient solution for creating an online presence.

Unlike other channels, Branded Store provides a direct online website for orders instead of grouping up products and services with other businesses.

Key insights:

  • Easy to set up an affordable and reliable online store
  • Low transaction fees (1.9% per transaction)
  • Sellers can even offer e-commerce cashback and loyalty programs for their customers.
  • Provides in-depth insights and analytics on customer retention
  • Allows businesses to set up customized marketing campaigns (discount coupons, minimum spend, etc.)
  • Can be used for a variety of businesses, from retail to restaurants
  • Even comes with one-click local deliveries.
  • Customizable delivery prices

2. Grab

Grab is very popular among Southeast Asian consumers. The app currently has more than 20 million users in Malaysia alone.

Key insights:

  • Exposure to a large number of Grab users
  • Provides customer support / helpline
  • 30% service fee for delivery and 15% for pick-up
  • Set up an online catalogue within a week
  • Commonly used for food, groceries and everyday items

3. Foodpanda

According to Rakuten insights, Foodpanda is Malaysia's most commonly used app for food deliveries. To qualify a business must operate a minimum of 4 hours a day, 4 days per week.

Key insights:

  • Provides monthly insights and analytics on performance
  • Commission rates range between 25% - 30%
  • Delivery ranges from 5km to 15 km of the delivery address
  • Provides customer support / helpline
  • Commonly used for food, groceries and everyday items

4. Shopee

Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. The company is the most clicked e-commerce site in Malaysia as of 2021.

Key insights

  • Goods sold on Shopee mall have a commission fee of 3%-5%, non-Shopee mall products have a fee of 2% on average. ShopeeFood charges a commission fee of 25%
  • Payment gateway fee of 2%
  • Provides two outlets - ShopeeFood for food and Shopee of everyday items, retail, electronics etc.
  • Provides marketing services and free delivery options to businesses for higher commission fees
  • A large number of businesses already using the platform (many competitors)
  • Convenient and reliable shipping capabilities with express option

5. Lazada

Lazada is known as one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Malaysia. Lazada is now home to more than 35,000 sellers and over 52 million site visits per month.

Key insights

  • Sellers commission fee ranges from 4% to 8% with payment gateway fee of 2%
  • A large number of companies (many competitors) with competitive prices
  • Convenient and reliable shipping capabilities with express option
  • Capable of automated inventory updates through synchronisation of online site

6. Zalora

Zalora Group is an e-retailer that is prominent in Malaysia. The company is a trusted name for beauty and retail products with a curated selection from small fashion brands to large luxury names.

Key insights

  • Commonly used for retail, cosmetics and beauty products
  • The smaller businesses primarily sell on Zalora Marketplace with commission rates ranging from 10% - 30%
  • 150,000 site visitors on average daily
  • Customizable consignment and drop-shipping options
  • Provides options for marketing and consulting services

7. is Malaysia's go-to marketplace that offers a free and convenient platform for people to buy and sell new and pre-loved goods just with a simple post of an ad.

Key insights

  • A differentiated site focused on electronics, vehicles and property
  • Commonly used for the sale of secondhand goods
  • Quick and easy setup and posting

8. PG mall

PG mall is popularly known for growing local industries of Malaysia and Handicraft to the World. The Malaysian company is currently the third most popular large-scale marketplace in Malaysia.

Key insights:

  • Provides free marketing for merchants
  • 5% gateway payment fees for sellers
  • Subsidized marketing services for local merchants

9. Carousell

Carousell is Malaysia’s largest P2P online marketplace for selling second-hand goods.

Key insights:

  • Easy setup and posting of sale items
  • Not commonly used for everyday items, groceries and food
  • Popular for the sale of pre-loved clothes and electronics

10. is a local e-commerce marketplace that was formerly a popular auction website. The site is known to more than 10,000 retailers with a wide variety of products for sale.

Key insights

  • Commonly known for the sale of electronic goods
  • Commission fee up to 8% with payment gateway fee of 2.5% for bank transfer and 3.5% for credit cards

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