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Erwin Bobis

How did you raise funding from VCs for your startup? What was the story/pitch?
How did you convince them? What was the pitch/story and what were your traction numbers when you raised funding?

George Pantoulas

What are your greatest struggles of running a digital agency? How did you overcome them?
Would love some insights on how some of you have built your digital agencies and what did you do differently?

Faith Baltazar

How can I write journalistic content better?
I'm a new journalist and want to improve my writing. What are some tips / writing styles to improve my journalistic content?

Rajitha Reddy

How can I increase Facebook ads click-through and engagement rates?
I currently run ads on Facebook but my engagement and clickthrough rates are very low. What are some tips to improve targeting?

Shaun Ling

How do I hire interns effectively in Johor, Malaysia?
I'm looking to hire more interns for my company and would appreciate any advise on how to do it better.

Wallace Richards

What do Southeast Asian VCs look for in startups?
Is it similar to US or Europe? How is their investment approach different?

Audrey Carig

What are some recommended stocks to buy for 2022?
With COVID-19 recovery, what are some recommended stocks to consider buying? Was looking at China internet but still pretty scared.

Alfred Lee

What are some of Philippines's most popular startups?
Am doing some research on PH's startup ecosystem and would love to know which are some of the most popular startups there.

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