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About ZanQ

Being a Founder and CEO is incredibly rewarding, but it is a lonely and difficult journey that often leads to depression and anxiety. You are endlessly spending time growing a dream while others are working set hours with full time benefits. And every decision you make can leave those who have dedicated themselves to your vision, unemployed.
It doesn’t have to be so hard, your not alone.
Be part of a community that is looking to change the world, connect with smart and driven Startup Founders that know exactly what your going through and what challenges lie ahead. Become inspired, collaborate to foster innovation and most of all, ensure your Startup is on a better path with a community who shares the same passion of building things as much as you do.
You can be vulnerable in a community that understands.
When everyone talks to everyone – information, ideas and knowledge are shared at an such an accelerated rate that Startups are better armed to pivot or scale much faster than those who are not in conversation.

ZanQ is an Machine Learning driven anti-Social Networking platform for the busy Founder.

Founders & Key People

Peter Tang

Co-Founder ZanQ

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