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About Yuma

## What is Yuma?

Yuma is using LLMs to automate customer support. We integrate directly with help desk software and focus on helping large Shopify merchants deal with their high volume of support requests.

## Why do Shopify merchants need Yuma?

There are thousands of Shopify merchants around the world generating $10M+ a year. Most of them have taken over some niches and are great at what they do: selling their products.

But they all have one thing in common: they all hate customer support. It's a burden for them and a huge source of cost, as they receive hundreds of requests per day. Some of them have dozens of support agents on staff, usually offshore, and the overall quality is still often pretty poor while staff turnover remains high.

Those merchants have been promised automation for years but have always been disappointed by the outcome. As customers, we have all had to live through a terrible support automation experience before, so this is no secret, and everyone knows that the current state of the technology is quite bad.

## Yuma is solving this in a few ways:

First and most importantly, we believe that the recent advances in AI technology finally make solving this problem achievable.

By coupling LLMs with custom-built knowledge bases, Yuma is able to suggest drafts that are relevant and customized to the support agents. With a one-click install, Yuma can natively integrate with any help desk software without disrupting current workflows, but only augmenting them.

By using LLMs to analyze historical tickets, Yuma can mimic the writing style of a brand, but also learn and replicate current workflows without any configuration needed, bringing the setup and adoption cost to almost zero.

Yuma also offers the ability to build a new kind of smart and dynamic workflows that were not possible before, with a plain English description of a given scenario.

Finally, LLMs also make working with multiple languages a breeze. The agents can focus their work on a single language, knowing that their output will always be appropriate and grammatically correct.

## Fun Fact

Yuma got started by accident. This is my third YC startup after Socialcam (W12) and Triplebyte (S15). I released Yuma as a prototype for fun in mid-December 2022 and was overwhelmed with demo requests. That's when I knew I was onto something and had to turn this into a real company, once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Yuma been in business?

Yuma was established in 2023 (0 years in business).

Is Yuma currently hiring?

Yes, Yuma is currently hiring for 2 job positions.

Visit Yuma's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

Which country is Yuma headquartered in?

Yuma is based in United States.

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