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Co-founder of Monzo Bank 

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March 2023


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Co-founder of Monzo Bank

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Monzo Bank

Monzo Bank

YC has written a good overview of our business on their blog:

Our mission is to make money work for everyone. We are the UK's leading digital bank for individuals and businesses, reinventing the traditional banking industry one customer at a time. We're relentlessly mission driven and always put our customers first - from what products we chose to launch next to our transparency and use of simple language. With a Net Promoter Score of 70+, it shows.

From our founding in 2015, we now have over 7 million customers in the UK (13% of UK adults) and are building out our team in the US. We've seen incredible organic growth, acquiring 150,000 customers / month in 2022, with 80% of this coming from word of mouth. Our weekly active user rate is ~60% and ~40% of our active users use us as their Main Bank account, showing that we are a product that is embedded in our users' daily lives. We've grown to ~2,450 staff (~400 of which make up the product/tech team), and are backed by YC, Stripe, Tencent, Mike Moritz, and others.

Internally, we encourage an open, collaborative, and inclusive working environment - we were voted the #1 startup where people in the UK want to work for the second year running in 2022. We contribute to open source software, and we continually engage with our wonderful community. We're hiring talented, creative problem-solvers to help us build the bank of the future. Join us!

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