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About SendStory

Super Fast News Reading in Just 3 Sentences!

Our mission at SendStory is to ensure that people are INFORMED about what's going on in the world.

And to do that, we're making reading the news SUPER SIMPLE, SHORT, and SWEET.

Not only do we bring you the latest news, our powerful artificial intelligence (A.I) technology automatically gives you a summary of the news in just 3 sentences. Not only does this save you time, you can digest more of what's going on around you a lot faster.

Here's why SendStory is great:

1) Trusted and Latest News from all over the world, curated for you
We curate news from over 10,000 trusted news sources, ensuring you that you never become a victim of 'fake news'. Our powerful learning engine understands what you like to read, and shows more of those news to you. There's NOTHING you need to do on your end.

2) Super Fast Reading - 3 Sentence Summaries of each news
We understand some of you are busy. To do that, we use powerful A.I technology to bring you the highlights/summary of each news post in just 3 sentences. And if you like what you're reading, you can easily tap a button and read the entire article directly on the publisher's website.

3) Super simple sharing - Send news to friends in a tap.
Like what you're reading? Send your favorite stories to your friends in a tap.

4) No annoying notifications or ads
Yes that's right, there are no ads or annoying notifications on SendStory.

5) 100% privacy and no personal data collection
SendStory does not track your location or collect any personal data from you. Not only are your reading/browsing habits completely anonymous, we will never require you to divulge any sensitive information/data to us.

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