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About Seaflight Technologies

Seaflight Technologies is creating a network for flown cargo on coastal routes, enabled by electric, remote-piloted wingships – our unique friendly flying robots that operate at ultra-low altitude over water for maximum efficiency. This isn't drones for burritos though, unless you want literally a ton of burritos! We are addressing heavy payloads - the hardest stuff to fly electrically.

Whether you’re in Antigua or Australia, Saipan or Sumatra, goods can take days or weeks to come by boat the cheap way. If you need pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, or electronics quickly, expect to pay 10x or 20x in shipping costs to have it flown. Electric aircraft could be a solution for lowering cost, but we’re stuck with small payloads and low range for many years to come. So for the hundreds of millions of people around the world in coastal or inter-island communities that could benefit the most, the electric aviation revolution just isn’t coming. Unless...

Without requiring FAA certification or integration into formal airspace, Seaflight’s simple uncrewed "ground effect" craft will enable high value, time-sensitive cargo to be flown overwater, point-to-point between coastal communities at 10x the speed of a ship, with triple the margin of conventional air freight, and almost double the range or payload of a conventional electric aircraft. Express air cargo continues to grow at double digit pace, it's time to deliver it in the most efficient way possible for cost and climate.

*You won’t find impossible machines here*

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Founders & Leadership

Graham Doig

Graham Doig

Co-founder of Seaflight Technologies

William Sutton

William Sutton

Co-founder of Seaflight Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Seaflight Technologies's founders and individuals in key leadership positions?

Seaflight Technologies has 2 founders and people in key management positions. They are:
  • Graham Doig
  • William Sutton
  • How long has Seaflight Technologies been in business?

    Seaflight Technologies was established in 2022 (2 years in business).

    Is Seaflight Technologies currently hiring?

    Yes, Seaflight Technologies is currently hiring for 2 job positions.

    Visit Seaflight Technologies's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

    Which country is Seaflight Technologies headquartered in?

    Seaflight Technologies is based in United States.

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