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Founder & CEO of SMF Models, SMF Cosmetics, #EyelashHeaven, Icon Fashion Shows & Essemeff Silver 

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About Sam Marie

Self started SMF - a place to unite creativity and be one with our welcoming community.

It all started as a hobby but I realized the good it did for others so I turned my Fashion Photography into a full blown Modeling Agency. A gateway to a career in all things entertainment or simply just to have a place to be accepted and be inspired to try new things, get creative, etc.

Over the years, my models were having major issues with eyelashes and glue. I knew how to fix the problem, worked with some manufacturers and developed an undeniable solution. Prior to achieving success as one of the first to launch Magnetic Eyelashes in the USA, I self tested on my own skin for one full year prior to releasing to the public in 2019. In 2020, I made them available to purchase, since it was highly requested in different volumes and styles accommodating the needs of many. I felt that I was in Heaven. It was so easy to do, first timer proof and tested on my friends, family and new models whom also agreed.

We were all in Heaven. And since hashtags started to become a “trending thing” ..(which I couldn’t stand because it’s a pound sign lol) I named the company #EyelashHeaven LLC

Since then, it has grown without paid advertisements, influencers or paid actors, strictly customer referrals. SMF has flourished into a full blown cosmetic company with many more ideas attached at tying each tier of whats to be created all together to SMF.

I’ve designed the logos (my own signature SMF) the boxes, containers, websites, SEO, and all content used for what you will see.

Funding is required to continue to expand. Employees are needed to maintain the expansion and stores are starting to request in store inventory from me.

All of the money I make gets put right back into the business. I have a vision, and failure is never an option for me.

I’ve worked in the modeling fields and am well tuned into properly using makeup and their ingredients. What I am not familiar with is wholesaling products to stores, marketing in the proper places and having those type of connections to make this expansion happen.

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