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Video chat today is built for meetings but you wouldn't have your birthday party around a conference table. Rume re-creates the social dynamic of an in person event where you are easily able to have smaller conversations and fluidly move between groups when you see someone you know.

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Founders & Key People

Ben Scharfstein

Ben Scharfstein

Co-founder of Rume

Vincenzo Vitiello

Vincenzo Vitiello

Co-founder of Rume

Bryant Wolf

Bryant Wolf

Co-founder of Rume

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Business Model: Not Specified

Revenues: Not Specified

Expenses: Not Specified

Debt: Request

Operating Status: Active

Funding Raised: $0

Investment Rounds: 0 Rounds

Funding Stage: Not Specified

Last Funding Date: Not Specified

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Rume's founders and individuals in key leadership positions?

Rume has 3 founders and people in key management positions. They are:
  • Ben Scharfstein
  • Vincenzo Vitiello
  • Bryant Wolf
  • How long has Rume been in business?

    Rume was established in 2019 (5 years in business).

    Is Rume currently hiring?

    Yes, Rume is currently hiring for 1 job positions.

    Visit Rume's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

    Which country is Rume headquartered in?

    Rume is based in United States.

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