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Co-founder of ANDi 

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January 2023


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About Jed White

Jed (CTO) has been programming since he was 8, and sold his first software aged 12. He studied computer science (USyd-part/USFCA), and was editor-in-chief of Australia's top computer magazine at 23, before making a popular start page with 3m users, and building a media search and personalization startup. He has 20+ years experience in search and AI.

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Instead of just links, Andi gives you answers - like chatting with a smart friend.

Andi is a new type of search engine that uses generative AI and language models combined with live data to generate factually correct answers to questions, and to explain and summarize information combined from the best sources.

Andi works as a search chatbot that's ad-free and privacy-focused. Ask Andi to...

✅ Answer questions
🧠 Find, summarize and explain information
🔍 Navigate and search the web

Search is broken because of SEO spam, ads, and surveillance capitalism. Andi cuts through the clutter to get you straight to the knowledge you need. It presents results visually in a way that's easy to understand with a simple chat interface, and protects you from ad tech and distraction.

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