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Co-founder of Powerhouse AI 

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About Ivo Verhaegh

Ivo is a former start-up founder who started an online housekeeping platform at university. He continued to run the business and achieved an ARR of around $150k while having a full-time job as a manager of a business incubator. After almost 5 years in the start-up world, he worked for about 4 years as a project lead gaining deep expertise in the areas of strategy, innovation, software implementation, and process optimization.

Companies & Work

Powerhouse AI

Powerhouse AI

Powerhouse AI offers automation at a fraction of the cost of regular automation solutions. Enabling warehouses to become more competitive, fast.

- How? By making warehousing as easy as taking pictures with a mobile device; digitizing processes and using the power of the camera to automate counting and checking tasks.

Four core functionality areas:

- Workflow Digitization: simplify and automate warehousing with AI powered workflows.
- AI Counting: automate the tedious and error-prone counting of inventory.
- AI Label Processing: scan everything [not just barcodes]. Fast.
- AI Document Processing: reading logistics documents with the click of a button.

Core benefits: de-risking and future-proofing your warehouse operations

- Increasing efficiency and accuracy with 20% to 40%
- State-of-the-art technology
- Making “dumb” boxes smart
- Easily deal with supplier data inconsistencies
- Enabling a data driven way of working
- Real-time access to data

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