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My name is Harold Sokyrka, and I am an innovator from Saskatoon Canada, I have developed a Patent Pending Licensed System that will significantly improve the collection of the quality & quantity of household recycling materials BEFORE they enter the waste and recycling stream. My company has been operating for over 3 years and we focus on Eco-friendly products for the householder and commercial businesses.

Our Mission Statement give you a basic understanding of the “System”.!AnGneiaFTCwNgU9Hc8xMSfr4A_GF

I have developed a patent-pending bag holder that features the first reusable/washable bag made from recycled plastic bottles (r PET) for the collection of recyclables and compostable yard debris. ( which will be of particular interest to the US States that have Bottle-Bill Legislation. In Canada, we have a vibrant recycling system that is working well and with your help, we can reach out to the Major Bottling companies who are causing so many problems with valuable refundable cans and bottles.

As an agent for “Change” towards the failing procedures currently practices by Municipalities, Waste Management and Multi Recycling Facilities (MRFs), I have also developed the Patent Pending “Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards System” is a member-based group that works closely with local and national non-profit charities and community associations. Members will receive detailed instructions in the “What Goes Where and Why” educational manual that emphasizes the intrinsic value of recyclable materials that we ordinarily discard into the curbside blue bins. This includes all types of plastic, glass, metal, and e-waste that we normally discard into the blue bins. (

Kwik BagIt Products Sales & Marketing Inc. under exclusive NDA Provisions will license local MRFs and municipalities to participate in what will be a “Game Changer” in the way that they currently collect and process recyclables. The “System” involves collaboration with local MRFs and Municipalities and shares with its members a simple, rewarding way for householders to CHANGE their habits and to realize that there is intrinsic value in the packaging that they have paid for at retail stores. KBI Members will clean and deposit their household materials into exclusive bags that identifies the type of recyclable materials and once the bag is full it is sealed and deposited into community drop-off locations situated in parking lots of non-profit organizations. The bags have a QR code that matches the membership with the bag and a cell phone app keeps track of the package after it has been deposited into the community collection centers. Over the course of the collection, the “System” keeps track of the weight and type of material that will be sold directly to re-processors and the value of this material will be shared with the Licensed Associates.

This link will demonstrate how the “System” works.!AnGneiaFTCwNeACoBk2yWqN0SM8

Currently, Recycling Companies (MRFs) are struggling to retrieve on average,
less than 10% of what is collected from the Blue Bins with the remainder going to the municipal landfills, despite the excessive costs associated with robots and scanners that they are spending money on. This problem is not going away unless there are some major changes in the way that we collect items in the Curbside Blue Bin Programs.

The 2 main reasons why they have such a poor result are due to contamination and co-mingling of materials.

Our Patent Pending "System" has been retrieving more than 80% of quality uncontaminated recyclable materials that will be sent directly to processors, which will dramatically decrease the operational and transportation costs which are currently affecting the carbon footprint and climate change.

Governments are striving towards "Net Zero Plastic by 2030" and with this New Innovation, we will be able to achieve this with less cost to the processors, by incorporating a New Loyalty Rewards Program for the Householder, plus creating added revenues for Non-Profit Organizations.

We successfully started our initial pilot project with (!AnGneiaFTCwNcyYb7ZdBsoTxAAg)

The program has proven that once the consumer changes to using the rPet bags they will stop using single-use plastic bags and it was recognized in the Saskatchewan Legislature in November 2021. (!AnGneiaFTCwNccHO1x0-IFJ7jhc)

This technique will be used with all Canadian Provinces and the US States that have Bottle Bill legislation and will be of particular interest to Municipalities, Recycling Depots (MRFs) Cans & Bottle Collectors Farmers, Householders, Multi-Family Dwellings, Health Clinics, Colleges, University students, and families who are concerned about Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Environment, but more importantly to the processors who require clean, quality plastics, glass, and metals to be reprocessed into new products.

Please contact me at 306-717-3895 if you may be interested in learning more about this Fresh New “Smarter Way to Think About Recycling”.

We are seeking distribution in your country and if you know of someone who may be interested in participating, please forward this message on to them

E-Mail: Website:

Kwik BagIt Products Sales and Marketing Inc.
442 Sylvian Cres., Saskatoon
Saskatchewan, Canada S7H 5E9

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