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FlyCode Dunning & Payment Management AI that helps subscription merchants maximize revenue. We reduce passive churn by managing payment failures intelligently.

We’re Jake, Etai, and TD and we’re building FlyCode.

TL;DR: If you sell SaaS or B2C subscriptions, we’re here to help you recover lost revenue due to failed payments and involuntary churn.

‘Involuntary’ or ‘Passive’ churn is a hidden Revenue Killer 💳 for Subscription Businesses

❌ THE PROBLEM: Recovering Failed Payments is Complex
Involuntary churn refers to the loss of subscribers due to payment failures, not due to them actively canceling. While it is both possible and a worthwhile strategy to attempt to win back a customer during the cancellation process — involuntary churn is not intentional and in most cases, your customers aren’t even aware that their payment failed.

💰 Bottom line?
Effective payment optimization does reduce involuntary churn and will increase ARR by as much as 5-10%

FlyCode leverages ML and AI to provide Payment Optimization and smart payment retries to maximize subscription revenue and reduce churn. We apply a unique model tailored to each Merchant and their customers to ensure optimal results.

⚡️Automatically recover failed subscription payments and reduce passive churn

⚡️Use ML & AI based payment optimization to find the best time to charge your customers

⚡️ Improve customer experience by coordinating payment retries with customer emails/SMS

🛠️ We support OOTB + Custom Integrations for Merchants and White-Label for Platforms

Latest Jobs

Founders & Key People

Jake Vacovec

Jake Vacovec

Co-founder of FlyCode

Tzachi Davidovich

Tzachi Davidovich

Co-founder of FlyCode

Etai Avrahami

Etai Avrahami

Co-founder of FlyCode

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Business Model: Not Specified

Revenues: Not Specified

Expenses: Not Specified

Debt: Request

Operating Status: Active

Funding Raised: $0

Investment Rounds: 0 Rounds

Funding Stage: Not Specified

Last Funding Date: Not Specified

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are FlyCode's founders and individuals in key leadership positions?

FlyCode has 3 founders and people in key management positions. They are:
  • Jake Vacovec
  • Tzachi Davidovich
  • Etai Avrahami
  • How long has FlyCode been in business?

    FlyCode was established in 2021 (3 years in business).

    Is FlyCode currently hiring?

    Yes, FlyCode is currently hiring for 1 job positions.

    Visit FlyCode's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

    Which country is FlyCode headquartered in?

    FlyCode is based in United States.

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