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Co-founder of Navier AI 

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May 2024


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Co-founder of Navier AI

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Navier AI

Navier AI

Navier AI is making CFD 1000x faster with their ML-based solver.

Physics simulations, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), are essential across many industries ranging from the design and analysis of aircraft, to weather prediction, to the development of medical devices. Today’s simulation tools use explicit numerical solvers for physical equations, such as the Naiver-Stokes equations. These solvers are complex to setup and can take ages to produce results.

Navier AI is building 1000x faster simulations using physics-ML solvers. Navier AI's fast CFD platform will enable engineers to quickly explore design spaces and perform analysis-in-the-loop design optimization. They are lowering the barrier to entry for aerospace and mechanical engineers to create high performance designs.

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