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About autone

Today, Retailers have to make 1000s of complex operational decisions every day, all impacting their bottom line.This problem is being currently tackled with excel or legacy systems, both no longer fit for purpose.

We make a platform that lets retailers make optimal decisions, easily and quickly. We ingest a retailer's data, generate recommendations and then allow users to approve a given action. Our platform covers topics including product pricing, inventory replenishment and re-ordering with the goal of covering all operational processes.

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Founders & Leadership

Adil Bouhdadi

Adil Bouhdadi

Co-founder of autone

Harry Cheslaw

Harry Cheslaw

Co-founder of autone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are autone's founders and individuals in key leadership positions?

autone has 2 founders and people in key management positions. They are:
  • Adil Bouhdadi
  • Harry Cheslaw
  • How long has autone been in business?

    autone was established in 2021 (2 years in business).

    Is autone currently hiring?

    Yes, autone is currently hiring for 1 job positions.

    Visit autone's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

    Which country is autone headquartered in?

    autone is based in United Kingdom.

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