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About Arafura Ventures

Arafura Ventures is based in Palo Alto, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, California. The Valley is perhaps the most exciting place in the world, incredibly rich in talent, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurship. It's the world centre of technical minds and innovation and continues to spawn high growth and incredibly successful companies. The Valley also has pretty good soil for growing vege's, if you're into that.

The name Arafura comes from a body of water that borders Australia's North. In a world where marine ecosystems and fish stocks are generally collapsing, the Arafura Sea stands out as among the richest marine fisheries in the world. It also has crocodiles, sharks, and deadly Jellyfish. If you swim in the Arafura, you are essentially becoming part of the food chain.

We're not exactly sure of the parallels between our company and the Arafura Sea, but we like the sound of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What industry is Arafura Ventures in?

Arafura Ventures is in the Venture Capital & Private Equity industry.

Is Arafura Ventures an investment company or fund?

Yes, Arafura Ventures is an investment firm in the Venture Capital / Private Equity space.

How long has Arafura Ventures been in business?

Arafura Ventures was established in 2010 (14 years in business).

Is Arafura Ventures currently hiring?

No, Arafura Ventures is currently not hiring.

Visit Arafura Ventures's Jobs Page to stay updated with any upcoming open positions.

Which country is Arafura Ventures headquartered in?

Arafura Ventures is based in United States.

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