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About Crossroad Labs

The only condition that determines if a business is successful is called "The Market Fit". Once you there you know it. You don't have to actively sell, you don't need to advertise, people just come to you like "take my money, I want your stuff".

There are 4 main precursors to the market fit:
✔️Mission - why does the venture exist? How does it make the world better
✔️Product (or Service) - the experience the customer has (while trying your way of making the world better)
✔️Position (on the Market) - who cares as you do about the problems you solve. Who has them?
✔️Implementation - the quality. What the customer has in his hands. How does this feel overall?

There is a common misconception among startups that you have to be really good in one or two precursors and you win. The truth is you have to have all 4. The success is limited by the weakest member of the group.

In Crossroad we can help you with 3 of the 4. The mission is still on you. Contact us to get:
- Consultation (FREE)
- Strategy
- Product Vision
- Market Positioning
- UX/UI/Design
- Software Development
- and mates, who won't let you down ;) - FREE

Founders & Key People

Daniel Leping

✔️Startups Acceleration

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