Here are the best apps to get Malaysia's General Elections (GE15) Polling Results and News

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Here are the best apps to get Malaysia's General Elections (GE15) Polling Results and News - BEAMSTART

With Malaysia's General Elections (GE15) potentially taking place in the coming months, many locals are both excited and worried about the country's future.

In recent weeks, search trends surrounding GE15 news have also increased tremendously by over 300%.

While no one knows exactly when the polling date will be, here are a few handy mobile apps that will help stay updated on the upcoming GE15 results and news:

1. SendStory GE15 Results & Malaysia News

SendStory App will have GE15 Results and News

SendStory is a super simple and light-weight content aggregator app for staying updated with the latest Malaysian news and GE15 polling results very quickly.

In fact, SendStory states that users are able to read news up to 8X faster compared to other apps, by utilizing artificial intelligence to summarize articles into 3 simple sentences.

The app automatically curates and recommends news from thousands of local and even international publishers, and there is absolutely no set up required when using the app — simply download and start reading.

2. The Star - Malaysia News

The Star app(s) will have GE15 news, results, and more.

The Star is one of Malaysia's leading news organizations, covering a broad range of topics happening in the country.

Initially starting out as a hardcopy newspaper publishing company, The Star has since evolved to offer digital publications as well.

Today, the company even has their very own mobile app that lets users stay updated with all their news as well as Malaysia's General Elections results — GE15 results will not be an exception.

3. Google News

Google News app will have targeted news on GE15 polling results

By far one of the most popular news apps out there, Google News is the place where many Malaysians get a wide range of news from multiple publishers.

While not a Malaysia-focused news app, Google News is still one of the best places to get the latest updates on what's going on in the country.

When Malaysia's General Elections period kicks off, Google News will probably be one of the most popular places to get the latest "targeted updates" on GE15 polling results.

4. Malaysiakini - Malaysia News

Malaysiakini covers local news in 3 languages.

Malaysiakini is one of the most popular news outlets in Malaysia that serves as an alternative to the incumbent publishers like The Star and New Straits Times.

The company currently publishes local news in 3 local languages (Malay, English, and Tamil), and receives over 2.3 million page-views per day.

During the past General Elections, Malaysiakini was one of the primary channels locals got their polling results and news from.

When will Malaysia's General Elections (GE15) take place?

As of today (10th October 2022), the Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced that the parliament has been dissolved, and that GE15 is expected to take place within the next 60 days.

From now until then, the campaigning period for Malaysian political parties will begin, followed by voting.

As of now, the exact date for GE15's polls is still unconfirmed.

Where to get GE15 results?

Aside from the list of apps listed above, most major news outlets across the country will also have a dedicated "GE15 results page" on their website(s).

Here are list of alternative places to obtain results:

  • All the news apps listed above.
  • Mainstream website(s) like TheStar, New Straits Times, The Sun, Malaysiakini, The Vibes, and more.
  • Independent sites covering GE15 news like NewsAsiaToday, Cilisos, The Rakyat Post, Says, and more.
  • Social media platforms (Twitter is very popular for breaking news).
  • News TV Channels.

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