China's economic slowdown expected to affect Asia in 2019

Asia is a major trading partner of China.

Wallace Ho 6 Jan, 2019

China's economic slowdown expected to affect Asia in 2019

Asia is expected to face one of the region's largest internal and external economic challenges this 2019, partly due to China.

Economists expect a decrease in China's growth as compared to 2018, which will affect economies across Asia.

China's GDP growth saw a decline across 2018, at 6.8% Q1, 6.7% Q2, and 6.5% Q3 respectively.

China's government has also cut back infrastructure spending to reduce local debt.

President Xi Jinping

A slowdown in China will have ripple effects across Asia, as it is a major trading partner for most countries in the region. 

At the same time, growth in technology sectors is slowing worldwide overall, potentially affecting growth of electronics.

Apple has lost over 20% in market capitalization due to economic slowdown in China.

This will significantly affect the region's market confidence, especially in public markets. 

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