15 Social Influencers Who Can Make A Difference In Growing Your Business

Searches for the term “influencer marketing” increased 90 times from 2013 to 2016 and it doubled this year alone

15 Social Influencers Who Can Make A Difference In Growing Your Business | BEAMSTART News

The demand for influencer marketing is on an increase and shows no signs of slowing down. Searches for the term “influencer marketing” increased 90 times from 2013 to 2016 and it doubled this year alone. Factors for the ever-increasing appeal of influencer campaigns ranges from versatility, personality, market-fit, flair, and community surrounding the influencer.

In no particular order, we've assembled a list of 15 social influencers that is open to endorsement or collaboration opportunities. Look out for personalities that fit your brand and align with your target audience.

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1. Celeste Chen  

With over 11 years of blogging experience under her belt, Celeste has accumulated millions of followers. She’s active in covering the latest gadgets, food, fashion and travel destinations.

Contact Celeste here

2. Valerie Tan a.k.a. Vellatrix 

As an international DJ, Vellatrix creates a captivating vibe like no other. Her uplifting sounds fill the entire room with waves of energy that indulge from wall to wall with her beats, soul grasping vocals and pulsating bass.

Contact Vellatrix here

3. Mike Kwah

Mike Kwah is no stranger to the entertainment scene. With a career as an actor, host and brand ambassador, Mike is also multi-talented in playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, organ, and has a solid background in martial arts as a Taekwondo instructor and Wushu practitioner. What can’t you do Mike?

Contact Mike here

4. Tiffany Yong 

Tiffany calls herself the A.B.C Girl simply because it is a conversation starter during her many event appearances. She is a self-proclaimed M.B.S (Malaysia Born Singaporean) who is very passionate about Acting, a little less about Blogging, and does Consultation to fuel her addiction for bubble tea. Tiffany is happy to consider acting, hosting, speaking engagements, interviews, guest appearances and endorsements for suitable brands.

Contact Tiffany here

5. Nicole Lee

Nicole lives and breathes adrenaline. With an interest in extreme sports, thrives on both urban exploration and outdoor adventuring. Nicole is an aerialist, a yogi, a pole dancer and everything in between!

Contact Nicole here

6. Nick Kung  

As a participant of The Voice, Nick never fails to captivate the audience with his charm and charisma. This multi-talented singer, musician, actor is always ready deliver a great performance. 

Contact Nick here

7. Vanessa Ho

As a freelance model, host, and actress, Vanessa actively promotes brands through social media and events. She is also an advocate for wellness and fitness whilst planning to launch a start-up by the end of the year.  

Contact Vanessa here

8.  Charlene Tan

Charlene is a travel and lifestyle influencer who is based in Singapore & Malaysia. As an ambassador for Fujifilm, she loves to explore the world while indulging into the fashion and beauty scene. Charlene is also the founder of Floratorie, an e-commerce site dedicated to unique flower arrangements and delivery.  

Contact Charlene here

9.  Angeline Rei

Angeline is an easy-going and adventurous lass who’s constantly on the lookout for new experiences to improve herself. Living between Johor and Singapore, doing photoshoots, product reviews and event modelling is second-nature to her.

Contact Angeline here


10.  Venice Chung

Venice is active in the beauty and fashion scene where she aims to combine the best of both worlds to create a lifestyle with her personal touch.

Contact Venice here 

11.  Danny Kahwey

With a passion for all things fashion, travel and culture, Danny have worked with international brands while sharing a lot of his perspectives with his followers. He enjoys peace and serenity being away from the city.

Contact Danny here

12. Yvonne Chua

Yvonne has a taste for food, makeup, travel and fashion. She also has her own Youtube channel where she engage her followers with quirky yet entertaining videos.  

Contact Yvonne here

13. Apple Tan

As a Mass Communication graduate, Apple is an active in the fashion, beauty, tech, travel and lifestyle space. She is also a model with accolade such as Miss AutoFest 2016.  

Contact Apple here

14. Tiffany Chew 

As a social influencer, Tiffany is not shy to express her love for beauty products, fashion, food and travel tips through her personal blog.

Contact Tiffany here 

15. Kryalie Wong

Kryalie is a techie, gamer and also a presenter for a gaming & tech YouTube channel, Primeval Media, where she answers your tech-related questions. She is also a talented pianist and a vocal instructor.

Contact Kryalie here

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