5 Unlimited Job Posting sites with High Traffic to Find Startup Talent

These 5 high traffic websites let you post unlimited jobs, allowing you to find the right talent for your startup.

5 Unlimited Job Posting sites with High Traffic to Find Startup Talent | BEAMSTART News

Finding the right people for your startup can be a challenging process.

Not only do you have limited time and resources to hire talent, you may not have the budget to invest in recruitment agencies out there.

So how can you save time and find the right people to join your company?

In this article, we will dive into 2 key areas on recruiting talent for your startup:

  • How to find the right people 
  • Where to find the right people


How to find the right people for your startup

There is a saying that one should be "slow to hire, but quick to fire" when it comes to recruitment.

While we do not condone unnecessary firing, it is crucial to quickly identify characteristics that make a "good hire" versus a "bad hire".

Working in a startup can be very challenging as there is limited resources/people, lots of work (you have to do everything and learn quickly), and many processes do not exist.

Hence at this stage, the key is to find people with the following attributes:

  • They are loyal and fight hard for the company/team.
  • They are curious and willing to learn, and have decent-enough skills to get the job done.
  • They contribute positivity to the company culture.

Where to find the right people for your startup

At the crux of it all, finding the right people is ultimately a numbers game.

You will probably have to go through interviewing a large number of people to find the right candidate.

That being said, the key is to have an efficient way to:

  • Receive candidate/talent job applications
  • Filter and process these applications

To increase your chances of receiving a higher number of talent applications, here are 5 unlimited job posting websites with high traffic that will allow you to find the right people.



Yes, BEAMSTART is our site, and we believe it is one of the best places to find people who want to work in a startup.

BEAMSTART is where many founders of startups (and managers in startups) frequent to stay updated with the latest startup news, grow their network, and find companies to invest in.

The site is also integrated with many other partner talent recruitment websites, allowing you to distribute your job posts to a wider audience.

BEAMSTART also lets you post an unlimited number of jobs for a fixed monthly fee, which is broken into 2 plans:

Both BEAMSTART plans let recruiters view the entire talent database as well.

BEAMSTART Jobs portal to hire startup talent.

2. Glints

Glints started out as a startup to help other startups find interns in Singapore.

Since its launch back in February 2015, the company has grown into offering more than just internships, expanding its presence to multiple countries across the Southeast Asian region.

On their website, Glints claims it has supported over 2 million candidates "discover their dream careers".

Aside from being a jobs database, Glints also helps candidates with their career development/training, and provides more hands-on support for their job applications.

Unlimited job posting is free on Glints, but additional recruitment tools and access to the talent database come at a monthly cost.

3. e27 Jobs

e27 is an online portal covering the latest technology and startup news.

The site also comes with features that lets users connect with investors, discover startups, and as you guessed it — hire talent.

To post jobs on e27, individuals simply need to create a company profile, which will be approved within 24 - 48 hours after creation.

Once the company profile is active, you can then post up as many jobs as you'd like for that profile.

Judging from their website, e27 currently does not provide any form of recruitment services.

The E27 Jobs directory.

4. AngelList Jobs

AngelList jobs is also another popular job platform for finding talent to work in a startup. 

In fact, in the early days, AngelList started out as a massive directory with many startup profiles investors could discover and invest in.

Today, AngelList has grown beyond just being a startup directory, and offers a wide range of services ranging from fund management, recruitment/talent sourcing, angel syndicates, and more.

AngelList is free to post an unlimited number of jobs, and comes with premium services for recruiters that give increased job posting visibility and tools to manage applications.

AngelList's jobs database after logging in.

5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a relatively old job posting site that was started in 2007, and focuses primarily on remote / online jobs at companies all over the world.

While FlexJobs caters to a large number of large companies across the world, it is also home to many jobs offered at startups and technology companies.

Posting jobs on FlexJobs is free for the first 5 jobs, and recruiters can post an unlimited number of jobs if they sign up for the paid plan.

FlexJobs lets you find remote talent all over the world.

Moving Forward

In closing, the key to finding good talent to work at your startup is to:

  1. Clearly identify what you're looking for
  2. Increase the volume of applicants
  3. Conduct effective interviews with them.

A separate post on conducting interviews effectively will be published real soon.

Latest Jobs

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British Broadcasting Corporation

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EA Personnel (Work Pass)

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English Content Writer


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SGD 300 — SGD 600 monthly

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SGD 2500 — SGD 5000 monthly

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