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Post Unlimited Internship Jobs.

Post an unlimited number of internship positions and receive an unlimited number of applicants.

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We help you get your internship positions out to as many candidates as possible via our network of career partners such as Google Jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us clear your doubts.

Why Hire Interns with BEAMSTART?

BEAMSTART Jobs was set up to make hiring super simple, especially for internships.

In fact, BEAMSTART is a great place to hire interns if you run a startup company, as many interns regularly visit our jobs board to search for intenrship opportunities.

As business owners ourselves, we realized that most online job platforms were either too expensive or too complicated to use, and eventually built it for ourselves.

How many internship jobs can I post on BEAMSTART?

As a BEAMSTART Member, you can post an unlimited number of internship jobs.

In fact, internship jobs can be set to 'never expire', so you can continue hiring interns continuously througout the year.

Do you publish my jobs to other websites?

Yes! In fact, we have a direct integration with Google Jobs to ensure maximum visibility for the job positions you post up.

We also work with many job aggregation partners who will publish and promote your internship positions on their website(s) as well.

How do I receive internship applications?

You can receive internnship applications via email OR directly on your website.

How many internship applicants can I receive?

You can receive an unlimited number of internship applicants for jobs you post up.

However, we strongly recommend CLOSING the job position once you have found a sufficient number of candidates.

Do you charge per job post?

No, we do NOT charge for each job posting. However, we do charge a nominal membership fee on BEAMSTART, which is $19 / quarterly (every 3 months) (just $0.20 per day).

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