Here's a simple way to make $50 monthly by helping others.

And it can be done totally online.

Kenneth Ho

28 May, 2020

Here's a simple way to make $50 monthly by helping others. | BEAMSTART News

With COVID-19 affecting the world's economy, many people are worried that their jobs and income streams will be affected.

This guide will teach you one really simple way to get paid $50 every month, completely online. The best part is, you will be able to help many people in the process, and build new friendships.

Before we begin, there are 3 crucial things you need to take note of with regards to the new normal after COVID-19:

  1. Spending power is decreasing — People/Businesses have significantly less money to spend today. This means whatever you do has to be very affordable and of high value.
  2. People are desperate — Many are losing their jobs and businesses are desperate to bring in sales or cut costs. What you do must address this by bringing some form of immediate results.
  3. Fear is on the rise — With the pandemic wiping out jobs and businesses, people fear losing more than they already have. In other words, trust and the ability to calm fears are crucial today.

The focus is NOT to get paid, but to solve peoples' problems first.

"Making money is not the outcome. It is a by-product of a positive outcome."

In today's world, people are hesitant to pay for something until they have tried it. 

Businesses prefer paying for a service after the service is delivered.

Likewise, if you're going to get paid $50 a month from someone, you will need to earn their trust to be paid that amount every month.

In other words, the secret to succeeding in today's world is building trust quickly enough to get paid.

In other words, putting yourself in a position where people are willing to give you a chance is extremely crucial.

Step 1 — Get your foot through the door.

Many offline businesses are suffering due to COVID-19 lockdowns today.

Most of these businesses are trying to increase online sales while cutting offline costs.

Most of these business owners aren't tech-savvy people

This is your advantage.

Seek these business owners out via Facebook groups or their Facebook pages.

Offer to help them with a tedious task for free.

A good start would be to help them manage their social media profiles for free.

Wait, what? For free? Yes that's right — This is your foot in the door.

Nobody will say 'no' to a free service

Yes, you're still not getting paid, but what you have is something more valuable — You have a client relationship.

Start off with helping them manage their Facebook pages by creating useful content on a daily basis. Help them engage with their fans. Share their posts in Facebook groups you're part of. 

These are all tedious tasks that are time consuming, and many business owners would rather have someone else do it for them. 

By helping them manage and promote their social media profiles, you are savings business owners time while creating more exposure for their businesses. They might even generate some sales. This is good — your value just went up.  

  • By offering to help them for free: People lower their guard and give you a chance. Many people aren't given a chance in this economic climate. 
  • By helping them with a tedious task: They start depending on you because they're lazy to do it. Comfort is a powerful drug.

Have patience. Plant the seeds, and water them daily.

Step 2 — Change the rules of the game by making yourself indispensable.

Business owners could hire someone else to manage their social media accounts, anytime.

In other words, you are replaceable — You need to change that quickly without doing too much free work.

In the short period of time you are helping these business owners for free, create an asset they will need that only you can manage

One of my favourite things to do is to help these business owners set up a mailing list on Mailchimp (it's free).

Most business owners do not know how to set these things up, and find them technically challenging. They do not have the time and patience to learn or figure these things out, especially in today's challenging economy. Do it for them.

Help them grow this mailing list. A good way to do so is by engaging with their Facebook page followers and inviting them to become newsletter subscribers. 

In fact, go the extra mile by helping them send out 1 - 2 newsletters. Business owners admire people who take the initiative, and you earn extra brownie points by doing so.

It also makes them feel that your contribution is significant.

By doing more tasks, these business owners are slowly relying on you more and more. 

The more tedious or technically challenging the tasks are, the more reliant they will be on you.

Suddenly, you are an irreplaceable asset. The seeds you planted are starting to bear fruit in just a week.

Now it's time for the harvest.

Step 3 — Create a low-cost subscription plan for them.

After 1 week of doing these tedious tasks for free, offer to continue doing it for them at a low price of $50 - $100 monthly

You could suggest that by paying you that amount every month, you will take away their worry of managing their social media profiles, building their mailing list, and sending out newsletters.

Don't charge too high.

At just $50 - $100 / month, it is affordable enough for nearly every business owner, and you can work your way up to a higher amount by gradually taking up more tasks as the business improves.

Here is the most important part — Ensure that business owners pay you by subscribing to you

You can use Paypal or Stripe to create monthly subscription plans, so you do not need to manually invoice them every month.

Yes, it's that simple.

There you have it — a simple way to generate $50 - $100 of monthly income by helping others with a simple task of managing their social media profiles.

While the above is not something new, it is something that anyone, anywhere in the world could do.

It takes a little bit of work and some patience, but it can be one of the simplest yet lucrative side-hustles one could do.

If you manage to land yourself a client, congratulations — rinse and repeat the process until you're satisfied with your income.

If you're unable to find a client, do not despair — try again and figure out the reasons why you're failing. Practice makes perfect. 

Ultimately, it is a numbers game.

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