Boxben is Helping Businesses Increase Revenues by Automating their entire Sales Processes.

Through a powerful solution to nurture customer relationships and handle billing processes.

Wallace Ho

4 Dec, 2019

Boxben is Helping Businesses Increase Revenues by Automating their entire Sales Processes. | BEAMSTART News

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Everyday, businesses lose billions of dollars as a result of inefficient sales processes.

Ineffective sales teams, tonnes of paperwork, poorly managed resources, and more — these are some of the inefficiencies that cause companies to lose a tremendous amount of time and potential income.

Malaysian company Boxben is on a mission to put an end to all that — through a comprehensive solution aimed at streamlining and effectively automating the sales processes that most businesses aren't effectively handling today.

Boxben at a glance.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Yu Chien, Boxben is a cloud-based customer relationships management and invoicing solution built from the ground up for businesses of all sizes.

Boxben focuses on 2 key areas that impact a business's revenue stream — customers and billing.

Founder of Boxben, Yu Chien

Pillar #1 — Boxben CRM

Boxben CRM, which costs as low as RM 32.90 (USD 7.70) monthly, is a full-fledged customer relationships management solution focused on helping businesses manage (and automate) customer and sales information so sales teams can focus on what they do best — closing deals.

The robust solution provides a wide range of tools for businesses to effectively plan sales campaigns, nurture leads, and gain valuable insights about their customers as well as activities carried out by their team(s).

The solution also allows collaboration and synchronisation of info among sales teams, making communication transparent to all parties from the admin all the way to managers.

An overview of Boxben CRM.

Pillar #2 Boxben Invoice

Boxben Invoice, which costs as low as RM 19.60 monthly (USD 4.20), is a complete invoicing solution that focuses on the later part of the sales cycle — correspondence and collecting payments from customers.

Boxben Invoice comes with a wide array of features that allow businesses to easily send out professionally presented quotations/sales orders, invoices, receipts, and reminders, all automatically.

 Users also can set up and integrate with major payment gateways of their choice and start collecting payments from their customers. What this means is, by integrating with payment gateways, Boxben users can issue invoices with links that directly allows their customers to click and make payment. 

Boxben helps businesses through the entire payment process from quotes, sales orders, invoices, payment reminders, and more.

The Philosophy

The philosophy behind Boxben is simple — To break down the sales process into manageable and trackable goals, all which can be easily managed by the managers and team.

By empowering businesses with tools and powerful analytics to make data-driven decisions, this in-turn saves lots of management time, eliminates duplicate work, and allows companies to free up resources — potentially increasing revenues and profitability.

The dashboard gives an overview of a business's performance at a glance.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, Boxben will be focusing on expansion across the ASEAN region, starting with Malaysia.

The company is also seeking to form broader collaborations with both the government and the private sector, to further accelerate their growth in helping more small & medium-sized businesses go digital.

"We believe there is tremendous potential in digitalizing this part of the region, and look forward to playing an integral part in helping businesses streamline their internal processes", mentioned Yu Chien, founder of Boxben.

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