Vietnam jumps up 10 places in Global Competitive Index.

Investor confidence is high with more funds pouring in the country.

Wallace Ho25 Oct, 2019

Vietnam jumps up 10 places in Global Competitive Index.

Vietnam’s business environment has seen significant improvement, according to the newly released 2019 Global Competitive Report produced by the World Economic Forum.

Vietnam has jumped 10 places, ranking #67 in the Global Competitive Index.

The Global Competitive Index ranks countries whose economies have improved most globally compared to the previous year's — and Vietnam is one of those countries that have risen significantly.

Vietnam's Prime Minister

Although Vietnam ranked highly in terms of market size and ICT sectors, the country still falls short in terms of skills, institutions, and business dynamism.

Despite these shortcomings, investor confidence remains strong with the government on addressing shortcomings.

Vietnam prime minister also announced that Vietnam's GDP growth is expected to exceed 6.8% this 2019.

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