Facebook launches Horizon, a new massive-multiplayer VR game.

An entirely new virtual world for social networking.

Ken Ho26 Sep, 2019

Facebook launches Horizon, a new massive-multiplayer VR game.

As if Facebook isn't ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it's trying to create a virtual world world of its very own.

Facebook today announced a brand new virtual reality sandbox universe and massive multiplayer online virtual reality (VR) game — Horizon.

Horizon lets players build their own environments and games, socialize, as well as explore user-generated worlds (video below).

Horizon will launch in 2020 as a closed beta, and users can apply to test it out here.

Horizon is expected to have expandable properties, allowing the world to continue developing through user interactions and user-generated content, much like Minecraft.

Users can play games within the world with each other too.

This could present a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand their presence and market their offerings in the virtual world.

"Horizon is going to have this property where it just expands and gets better", mentioned CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg at the Oculus Connect 6 Conference earlier today.

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