China's JD launches Jingxi — A New Platform For Lower-Tier Cities.

JD expands into social e-commerce to rival its competitors in lower-tier cities.

Norshafa Wati23 Sep, 2019

China's JD launches Jingxi — A New Platform For Lower-Tier Cities.

It seems that every internet company in China is now moving towards China's vast rural hinterland to maintain their growth momentum.

Being China's second-largest online retailer, takes this move to offset the slowing domestic growth.

Not wanting to miss the trend, JD has developed its own discounted platform, called Jingxi, to rival its competitors in smaller cities and villages.

The platform provides discounts on team purchases to target users in lower-tier cities - sharing the model with Pinduoduo and Juhuansuan, which invites buyers to share deals with friends and obtain deep discounts.

"We're going to diversify and enrich our WeChat ecosystem and provide a new model to attract lower-tier cities, especially the female users and low-income users," said Lei Xu, the chief executive officer of JD Retail.
“We’ll continue to enhance our user experiences and also gain more potential customers from third to six-tier cities,” added chairman and CEO Richard Liu.

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