Honestbee suspends Malaysian operations; delays staff salaries.

The company also owes money to vendors.

Wallace Ho24 Jul, 2019

Honestbee suspends Malaysian operations; delays staff salaries.

More news of troubled food and grocery delivery startup Honestbee have sufficed once again. 

In a recent report by TheRakyatPost, Honestbee has just suspended its Malaysian operations as of July 22nd.

The company also stated that they were unable to make outstanding payments to staff and vendors until further notice.

Honestbee announces suspension of operations on Facebook.

Jibril, a disgruntled restaurant in SS15 took to Facebook to share their story about their dissatisfaction with Honestbee.

Jibril states that Honestbee owed them thousands of ringgit over the past months of business, and have been uncontactable ever since.

honestbee owed us quite a few thousands RM since few months back. It is still due as at today. After dissapearing for few months, we received a call from them, to take back their tab (eventhough they still owed us thousands). No news etc, and only gave us this... today... 💆🏻‍♂️
Official statement by Honestbee released on 22nd July

This news isn't surprising considering the company was having cashflow issues with no further funding available on the horizon after talks about a potential acquisition from Grab and Go-Jek fell apart .

As of now, there is no indication of when the Malaysian operations will be resumed.

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