Johor To Attract More Investors from US & China

Johor is the highest recepient for China’s investments at RM718mil from Jan - Mar '19

Wallace Ho23 Jul, 2019

Johor To Attract More Investors from US & China

Johor is sending delegate to the United States in July as section of a exchange and funding mission, said Jimmy Puah, International Trade, Chairman of Investment and Utility Committee.

“We choose to attract investors from the US who confirmed hobby in transferring their business operations from China to Asian countries, specially Malaysia and in particular Johor.
“It is going positively,”

He said the bad impact from the trade war was predicted to increase the difficulty of doing business and also affecting buyers confidence.

He also mentioned that many Chinese corporations affected by trade war had conducted market studies and desired to move their businesses and factories to the ASEAN region, specifically Malaysia.

“From January to March, China’s investment value into Johor is RM718mil and it’s the highest recipient."

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