I need investors to fund my business. Are there any investors here who are willing to help me?

I need to raise funds to have extra capital this peak season. Im also willing to present my pitch deck and maybe we can set up an online meeting or meet up in person, to those who are willing to go in Metro Manila.

Nicole Aba


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Alfred Lee

Journalist at BEAMSTART. I write about breaking business news in the region.

Hi Nicole, you can check out this fundraising assistance page and book a session with our team for fundraising.

While we may not be able to help everyone with their fundraising needs, we may be able to point you in the right direction or even make some introductions if your company is investor-ready.

Typically for fundraising, you will need more than just a pitch deck. Some other things we recommend you have beforehand:

  • A financial model
  • Legal contracts / terms / agreements
  • Compiled list of your business's agreements (for due diligence) in the data room.

In Philippines, I understand that the term 'investment' is typically associated with a loan (borrowing) and not equity (shares).

Fundamentally your deck should outline clearly how investors will receive a return of their capital.

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I believe this really depends on the prospective returns of your business. 

Investing in businesses are higher risk as compared to real estate (leverage/loans) or capital markets (liquidity), so your returns have to be substantially higher with a clear plan on how you will mitigate the risk.

Also, many investors might not be from Philippines, how will you ensure their capital is protected?

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