What is the best news app in the Philippines?

Besides Google News, what are other good news reader apps that focuses on the Philippines market?

L Elias


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Carl Adrian

Partnerships & Content Coordinator at BEAMSTART

Check out SendStory. To me it's one of the best news apps for reading news in the Philippines, and yes its free.

SendStory is basically a super simple news aggregator that summarizes news into 3 simple sentences so users can digest the information really quickly.

As you know, there's so many things happening each day, and staying updated with all kinds of news can be a very time-consuming process. With SendStory, not only can one read the news really fast, each article is summarized into 3 sentences using artificial intelligence/machine learning — giving you a brief overview of the story. And if you feel that the story is interesting enough, you can visit the publisher's website to read the full article.

The app is also really simple to use. In fact, there's absolutely no setup or registration required upon installation — you just download it and start reading right away.

Everything happens automatically, and the app:

  • Instantly localizes news to fit the country you're in and your language of choice (you can always change these preferences manually if they're incorrect).
  • Progressively learns more about your reading patterns and recommends news that fits your interest.

Sharing is also awesome on SendStory, as you can easily share to WhatsApp as well as Facebook/Instagram stories. As you know, the "Stories" format is the future of sharing, and this app makes it super easy to share news.

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