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BEAMSTART is a business networking and startup resources hub with a mission of bridging people to valuable connections, support, and opportunities.

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BEAMSTART is a global business networking and startup resources hub with a mission of connecting people to opportunities. In fact, it is the go-to platform for people to find valuable connections, funding, job opportunities, and helpful resources/news for their business.

On BEAMSTART, you can connect with CEOs, Investors, Business Leaders, and Professionals from all over the world, and tap into a huge portal of resources ranging from Jobs, News/Insights, Company Data, and lots more!

What kind of people can I meet here?

On BEAMSTART, you can connect with many professionals and people from the business world. This ranges from CEOs, Investors, Business Leaders, Creatives, Government Representatives, and many more. In fact, there is a lot more on BEAMSTART than just professional networking, as you can also tap into a huge portal of resources ranging from Jobs, News/Insights, Company Data, and lots more.

I'm new here, how do I get started?

If you're new here, we recommend creating an account and completing your professional profile with relevant information on your business/job and education.

If you're an entrepreneur/startup founder, we recommend starting out by adding your company to the startups database. This allows you to easily find clients, post jobs, plan events, as well as raise funding.

Is it free to sign up on BEAMSTART?

Yes, it is!

Anyone can sign up for a BEAMSTART account, and it is completely free of charge. Some features on the website/app however, are only available for subscribers.

To sign up for BEAMSTART, visit this link.

I'm looking to raise funds for my business. Can BEAMSTART help?


We've helped many startups and small businesses raise funds by connecting them with thousands of angel investors and investment firms around the world.

To get started, create a company profile and fill in your fundraising information here.

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More than a community. We're a family.

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Be part of a specially curated, verified community of top CEOs, high-net-worth individuals, angel investors, and many other professionals.

Tools for Better Networking.

90% of business cards are thrown away, but not with our QR-code business card tool that saves contact details directly to phones. Never be a lost contact again. (Find out more)

Exclusive Content & Events

Broaden your perspectives and personal development with useful news, content, & events exclusive to our community.

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Leverage on our platform to get the support you need, whether it is finding potential customers, investors, or hiring talent. When in doubt, our dedicated team will be here to serve.

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BEAMSTART is a Hub for Startup News, Business Networking, and Entrepreneurial Resources. Expand your network, discover new possibilities, and tap into a vast database of resources that can help you go further in your business and career.


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