Questions before Feb 11, 2022

Should we start entrepreneurship young?

Should we start running business young? If yes, and why?

Feb 111 answer

What is the best e-commerce store with local deliveries in Malaysia?

I run a small retail shop and am looking for a reliable online store that provides deliveries/shipping services built in. What are some recommendations that are reliable and affordable?

Feb 112 answers

What are the best social channels to advertise my startup?

I run a fashion & entertainment startup, What are the best social channels to advertise my startup

Feb 101 answer

What is a good marketing funnel for business?

Can someone share their brilliant mind on what a good marketing funnel is?

Feb 101 answer

What is UX/UI design?

What is UX/UI (User interface / Unser experience) design?

Feb 101 answer

Where can I find a list of fundraising startups?

Looking to compile a list of startups that are fundraising to make it easier for investors to find them.

Feb 061 answer

What are some popular startup communities in Malaysia on Facebook?

Keen to connect with more entrepreneurs in Malaysia. What are some popular startup communities I can be part of? Preferably on Facebook

Feb 041 answer

How to improve human resource development & planning?

Strategic human resource management & planning are very important. How can businesses & companies improve them?

A list of left-handed successful people & entrepreneurs?

There is saying where left-handed people are more talented, let's have a list of them!

Jan 281 answer

What is the difference between carbon offsets and carbon credits?

I recently stumbled upon these phrases, but am unsure of what it means

Jan 281 answer

How do you fire an employee gracefully?

There is an underperforming staff member in my company and we're considering letting him go. How can we do it in the most graceful manner possible? Disclaimer: This employee has shown no signs of improvement despite many second chances.

Jan 281 answer

What is the fastest way to promote something today?

How can you promote a product/website quickly today?

Jan 282 answers

Are new year resolutions overrated ?

We've all heard the 'new year, new me' saying getting juggled around, but is it actually effective to set new year resolutions ?

How does Adult SEO work? Am looking to rank an adult site.

I have a website in the adult entertainment niche. How does one do SEO for such sites since link building and traditional SEO approaches don't work?

Jan 271 answer

What are the challenges of building a startup in the Philippines?

I see more startups everyday here in the PH, but not much successes. What's the problem here?

If you're entering an already saturated market as a startup how do you differentiate yourself?

For example, Shoppee entered the e-commerce, food delivery and other industries after established market players were available. What strategy would they have used and how can other startups learn to do so.

Jan 252 answers

Where can I get a cheap website + .com domain?

Keen on setting up more sites for my clients. Looking for cheap hosting and .com domain provider.

Is Malaysia still able to attract investors/companies ?

I have seen articles about companies pulling out of Malaysia, is it true?

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