Questions before Jan 24, 2022

Is Malaysia still able to attract investors/companies ?

I have seen articles about companies pulling out of Malaysia, is it true?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your team?

I started hiring a bunch of people (mix of interns and full timers), how can I more effectively measure their performance in the company? What methods do you use to track/measure performance? Appreciate the feedback.

Jan 241 answer

How do you think the 'Great Resignation' will affect Asia?

What are the changes you can expect in the Asian work environment

Jan 242 answers

How does the Tiktok algorithm work ?

How can businesses use tiktok to promote

Jan 241 answer

Is joining BNI worth it to get sales?

Am hoping to get some sales for my small business. Would you recommend I join BNI for this?

Jan 241 answer

Which venture capital (VC) firms are actively investing in Vietnam?

Keen to compile a list of investors (especially venture capital firms) that are funding Vietnam's startup scene.

Jan 221 answer

What was your first job and what did you learn?

Share more about your first working experience

Jan 213 answers

What makes Korea's startup space very unique/different?

Keen to know thoughts of others regarding Korea's startup space

Jan 212 answers

Future Jobs - What are some of them and how can we prepare for them?

With the world changing very quickly, what are some jobs of the future that we can prepare for?

Jan 213 answers

Why do startups fail ?

We often hear that most startups fail, but what are the factors that contribute to it?

What are some good Chinese books to read for business & entrepreneurship?

Rising power from the East the past decade. What are some good Chinese or translated books we can read on business & entrepreneurship?

What inspired you to establish your business or startup ?

I would love to hear the backstory of a startup

How do you create good company culture?

We a building a new company with new teams. How to create a good company culture from the start?

Jan 203 answers

What are the best startup companies to work in for 2022?

Compiling a list for the best startups to work in for 2022.

Jan 201 answer

What are the top tech startup companies in Southeast Asia?

Keen to compile a list of all the best tech startup companies from Southeast Asia

Jan 202 answers

What are some tips in making WFH efficient?

How do you reduce procrastination and make WFH efficient?

Jan 202 answers

Is Borzo delivery reliable in Philippines?

How has your experience with Borzo delivery (formerly Mr. Speedy) been so far?

What are your predictions for the labor market in 2022 ?

Would welcome opinions and insights from the HR industry

Jan 201 answer

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