Questions before Jan 20, 2022

What are some tips in making WFH efficient?

How do you reduce procrastination and make WFH efficient?

Jan 202 answers

Is Borzo delivery reliable in Philippines?

How has your experience with Borzo delivery (formerly Mr. Speedy) been so far?

What are your predictions for the labor market in 2022 ?

Would welcome opinions and insights from the HR industry

Jan 201 answer

What is your worst encounter/situation you faced in your job ?

It can be from an issue faced in your previous work or experiences from others as well

Jan 201 answer

How do you get posts on to Facebook's "Suggested for You" section on the news feed?

I notice some sites appear there regularly and would like the same thing for mine.

Jan 201 answer

What is the biggest problem when it comes to hiring interns?

Would like to study how startups deal with interns.

Jan 204 answers

What jobs are popular today among fresh graduates?

Much has changed since before the pandemic. What jobs are popular among fresh graduates today?

Jan 203 answers

Where can I find a complete list of startups in Southeast Asia?

Where are some good places to find a list of all the startups in Southeast Asia alongside their data/revenue/funding? Am doing some research on companies.

Jan 181 answer

What are the quotes that resonates with you the most ?

You can also provide the reasons or context behind it. Would love to hear from you.

Jan 181 answer

How should we evaluate a potential investor?

What are the criteria start-ups should consider?

Jan 183 answers

What are some financial advice you can provide ?

Disclaimer: Further discussions are not licensed financial advice, just a normal discussion.

What are some venture capitalists or angel investors you look up to ?

I would love to hear your suggestions and allow people to expand their horizons

Jan 181 answer

How do you make money with Blockchain / Crypto?

For those who have, how do you make money in the Blockchain / Crypto space? Always open to suggestions on ways to earn more.

Jan 181 answer

What is your startup about? Why is it awesome?

Would love to hear more about the startup you're building.

What questions should I ask when I talk to venture capitalists and investors?

We often think what kind of questions investor will ask. But I think we should learn what question to ask the investor as well.

Jan 182 answers

What is Grab's business model?

Can someone summarize how Grab makes money? I understand they have many different services like food and ride hailing. What else is there?

Jan 181 answer

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