Discussions before Jan 13, 2022

How does one find startup jobs in Singapore?

Looking to work in a startup in Singapore. How can I find a job there easily?

Jan 132 answers

Are there more difficulties faced by Malaysian startups in comparison to Singapore and Indonesia?

Why do more startups seem to come up in the news for Indonesia and Singapore in comparison to other SEA countries?

What are the strategies used to deal with stress and anxiety when starting a start-up business?

Almost every entrepreneur has faced anxiety and stress in their life.

What side hustles are you working on ?

Would love to hear what side hustle you do and wish to do.

Why is understanding staff's psychology important?

Why is understanding staff's psychology important? I am seeing many companies spending big bucks on this.

Jan 131 answer

Is Japan’s market attractive for startups?

For startups outside Japan, is the Japanese market attractive for business?

Jan 131 answer

What were some bad investments you made in startups? What did you learn?

Let's talk about failures. Share more about what you learn from your bad startup investments.

What are some of the most popular sports-related tech startups in Malaysia?

I'm quite interest in this space of sports-tech startups in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Jan 121 answer

How do you rank higher on Google faster? What are best SEO practices?

What is the fastest way to rank higher on Google quickly? Are there any SEO best practices I can try out?

Jan 121 answer

How to train up leaders among yougsters in your company?

The younger generations are the leaders of our future. How can we train up these talents in this era?

Jan 123 answers

What are some cool psychological hacks for founders?

Let's share some cool & useful psychological hacks for entrepreneurs.

Jan 123 answers

What makes a great investor pitch deck? What should it contain?

I'm a little confused to what materials should be in a pitch deck for investors. Would appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Jan 123 answers

What are the differences between rounds of investing?

I hear startups going through seed, series A/D, etc. What exactly distinguishes these rounds and how do we define them?

Jan 122 answers

How to combat imposter syndrome as a startup founder ?

Research shows that 20% of SME owners suffer from it, would love to explore this niche topic.

How can you make money in esports / gaming?

Besides streaming, what other ways are there to make money in gaming or esports?

Jan 121 answer

What is your advice for fresh graduates stepping into the working world ?

Everyone would face different people from all walks of life, do share your experience which we can help each other.

Jan 123 answers

How do I calculate equity for my partners in a startup?

I have few people who are working together with me in my startup. How do I calculate equity properly for all of us?

Jan 122 answers

What did you learn recently that could be useful for entrepreneurs?

Learning has no end, would love to hear what have you learned recently that'd be useful for the community.

Jan 113 answers

Should companies treat their co-workers as family ?

Some companies do portray this to attract candidates, but should companies treat workers as just workers or as family ?

Jan 113 answers

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