How do you fire an employee gracefully?

There is an underperforming staff member in my company and we're considering letting him go. How can we do it in the most graceful manner possible?

Disclaimer: This employee has shown no signs of improvement despite many second chances.

Jessica Morgan

3 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

These are some tips that can be considered:

  1. Be clear and concise when you fire them
    Firing someone is a serious task, therefore it has to be taken seriously. Do not beat around the bush like asking how's the weather doing which could drag it out. 
  2. Treat the firing process privately 
    This is because when you fire an employee in front of other employees, it could potentially bring down the morale and the mood of the workplace. 

Firing someone is always a bad experience for managers or founders to handle. If you are reconsidering firing the employee or you have a bad employee to manage, check it out here

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