What are some popular startup communities in Malaysia on Facebook?

Keen to connect with more entrepreneurs in Malaysia. What are some popular startup communities I can be part of? Preferably on Facebook


4 Feb, 2022

1 Answer

Kenneth Ho

Director of BEAMSTART

Malaysia has a growing startup ecosystem, and many communities are beginning to sprout up everywhere.

One of the best ways to plug in to the local ecosystem is to participate in online communities, build relationships with members, and eventually meet up with them in real life.

Here are a few of the popular startup communities to check out:

1. BEAMSTART's Startup Community on Facebook

One of the largest startup community Facebook groups in Malaysia, the "Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Investors" group was created by our team at BEAMSTART

With approximately 60,000 members today, the group serves as a place where individuals can ask questions, start discussions, and even share opportunities. It's also a great place for many entrepreneurs to connect with partners, clients, and even investors.

From time to time, we also share events we host, alongside workshops and meetups hosted by group members.

2. Entrepreneurs and Startups in Malaysia

One of the most active and largest Facebook groups for entrepreneurship in Malaysia, the group is led (and founded) by former TEDx organizer, Daniel Cerventus.

Not only are there many daily discussions in the group, there are many regular community activities that are shared/hosted by members in the group.

It is also a highly moderated group, making it a safe place to seek advice and start discussions.

3. StartupMamak

StartupMamak is a Facebook group started by an individual named Heislyc from Malaysia, with a goal of bringing more people passionate about startups in the country.

The community at present has over 23,000 members, and is a great place to meet many likeminded people in the startup space.

From time to time, members of the group also publish events and workshops in there, making it a great place to learn and discover new insights.

4. Startups & SMEs Malaysia (formerly OpenCoffeeClub KL)

Formerly known as OpenCoffeeClub KL, this group was founded by Inbaraj Suppiah, an entrepreneur behind digital agency Pixaworks.

OpenCoffeeClubKL is a regular, open and informal meeting place for people involved in tech or e-commerce startups, and has been around since 2012.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group used to hold monthly meetups that functions like a "support group" for entrepreneurs to seek assistance and forge new relationships.

5. Malaysia Digital Hub

Malaysia Digital Hub is an official group created and moderated by team members of MDEC (a Malaysian government agency). 

The group was initially started to act as a commonplace for startups to connect with each other and government representatives.

At present, the group has over 5,000 members.

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