How to build up my entrepreneur network?

Your network is your networth. How can a young entrepreneur build up entrepreneur & business network online & offline?

Hanz Lualhati

30 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

Wilson Twoon

Content Coordinator at Beamstart

Networking has changed rapidly, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where even organizing a meetup of high-performance workers proves difficult. 

However, it also sprung up new avenues and creative ways to navigate various networking opportunities amongst a sea of connections. 

Therefore, here are some portals and methods for you to expand your network:

1. Beamstart 

With you joining this community is the first step you've taken in expanding your network. As a member here myself, I have access to various talents and business-minded people from across various industries such as: 

  • Human Resource 
  • Finance 
  • Startup Founders 
  • Interns 
  • University students 
  • IT 
  • Marketing 

In the near future, Beamstart could also resume their usual event organizing where they would gather business people across Asia to attend an event, allowing various opportunities to speak to various industry leaders

Their past events include a Korean Delegation Business Matching event. (Photo below) 

Beamstart event photo group 

2. Twitter

If you are a Gen Z internet user or just use social media often, the Twitter community was always been perceived as a toxic cesspool. However, if you utilize Twitter in its most absolute, it can be the best networking tool you have. 

As compared to other social media, Twitter does differentiate itself. Whenever you follow a particular business guru or a founder, their algorithm can easily help recommend you those that acquaint those in the business field. 

Whenever the founder likes, retweets, or even comments on someone else's post, it will show up on your feed, making it easier to discover other business-minded users.

They had even launched their Twitter space feature where you can join in a call to listen to a group of people talking about various topics. One of the Twitter spaces I have come across is regarding cryptocurrencies and NFTs where developers would gather together to talk about upcoming plans.

Twitter Space Feature

 3. LinkedIn 

If you are looking for more professional connections, LinkedIn can be the right option to go to.

LinkedIn Logo 

With Linkedin, it allows you to: 

  • Past or present co-workers, colleagues, managers, supervisors, or employees
  • Past or present clients and customers
  • Business associates
  • Alumni of your undergraduate or graduate alma mates
  • People from your church, gym, yoga studio, or community organization
  • Past or present teachers or professors
  • Anyone you meet and have a productive, professional conversation about your career path!

According to a report by LinkedIn, networking has allowed them to:

  • 80% of professionals consider professional networking to be important to career success.
  • 35% of surveyed professionals say that a casual conversation on LinkedIn Messaging has led to a new opportunity.
  • 61% of professionals agree that regular online interaction with their professional network can lead to the way into possible job opportunities.

4. Youtube 

Youtube Logo 

I know it might seem weird to note Youtube as a networking platform where all you get is cat and dog videos, but personally, Youtube has allowed me to expand my networking connection

For example, I would typically watch Youtube finance such as Graham Stephan, from that point on the Youtube algorithm has recommended me other financial-related content as well, such as the Millenial Finance, a Malaysian-based Youtuber talking about the latest finance news for Malaysians. 

5. Podcast 

Podcasts can also be a networking portal as well, especially when podcasts would usually invite other guests to join in and various episodes alike. 

One example of a podcast that I listened to is the All-In podcast. This podcast was first introduced by Jason Calacanis, a founder and venture capitalist. Through the All-In podcast, I was able to expand my network to other members of the All-In podcast such as :

  • Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of Social Capital 
  • David Sacks, founding COO of Paypal 
  • David Friedberg, who serves as the CEO of The Climate Corporation

Not only just listening to a podcast, but you can also even make your own podcast as well, where you can interview various people on your podcast, enabling you to further expand your connection 

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