What are some of the upcoming startup trends in Korea?

Dong Cho Kim

17 Jan, 2022

1 Answer

sungho choo

Cheif editor of startuprecipe

According to the 2021 startup recipe data, more than 12 trillion won flowed into startups. The figure is three times higher than in 2020, and the investment market is expected to be very good in 2022 due to government funding and global VC interest, and all technology sectors are expected to attract attention.

Based on the 2021 startup recipe investment data, the hottest areas were luxury fashion platform and Secondhand platforms among e-commerce.

This market has grown as demand for mobile shopping has increased due to digital transformation and MZ generation has increased luxury consumption. Growth is expected to continue this year, and non-face-to-face platforms are expected to continue to grow.

In addition, services that make daily life convenient, for example, lifestyle-related services such as laundry and cleaning services, can be used comfortably on mobile devices.

Last mile delivery platforms have also received great attention from investment companies and large companies due to increased online shopping, and they are expected to grow in 2022 as market competition intensifies. Industry leaders are expected to evolve one step further as they start to build urban full-fillments for fast delivery.

Self-driving startups are also expected to receive attention. Synergy is expected in the future as startups related to autonomous driving attracted large-scale investments in 2021, and they received strategic investments from large companies such as Hyundai.

In the fintech sector, alternative investment platforms are growing as a means of retacking millennials along with P2P finance.

ESG was a very hot field in Korea in 2021. As the government supported the creation of impact funds in 2018, many esg companies appeared and succeeded in investing this year.

Metabus and NFT were popular around the world, but they were the same in Korea. Platforms in the metabus sector have attracted investment and are expected to continue in 2022.

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