How does an entrepreneur deal with failure and rejection?

Muskan Kataria

13 Jan, 2022

2 Answers

Carl Adrian

Partnerships & Content Coordinator at BEAMSTART

Failure and rejection are normal in entrepreneurial journey. Despite the societies we grew up from do not tolerate failures, I strongly believe somehow that's the part of the journey.

I am gonna share a few tips how to turn failure into a stepping stone to success.

  1. Get excited about failure.
  • Get excited about failure, it is the best teacher in the entrepreneurial journey
  • Acquire knowledge and adapt.
    • Every time we fail, be sure to learn something or take something away from it. Make  necessary adjustments to ensure the same mistake never happened twice.
  • Be relentless.
    • Never give up. We don’t define failure as not succeeding. True failure is when we no longer have the will or desire to succeed.
  • Courage is essential for entrepreneurs
    • At some point we have to be willing to turn our back on the naysayers and be willing to move forward. Confidence will come later on.
  • Focus on your desired outcome
    • Why would we ever look where we don’t want to go? It's better to focus on the way forward and where we want to be.
  • Visualize your success
    • Knowing the path we are about to travel will definitely increase our confidence as well as our chances of succeeding.
  • Change your peer group
    • Our non-entrepreneur friends and family are not the best people to support us. Spend more time with those who will.
  • Change your mindset about failure
    • No business gets everything right from the beginning, and even the most successful people have lots of failures every day.

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    Ren Sayon

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    Failure and rejection isn't a bad thing, and should not be shunned upon.

    One gets better at dealing with it the more it happens to them.

    To deal with it, I recommend:

    • Talking to others. It'll make you feel better.
    • Redefine your idea of 'success' into smaller, more manageable goals. The easier you are able to reach your goals, the more confident you'll feel and you'll deal with failure better.
    • Understand that this is part of life.

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