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About Axle

Axle is Plaid for Insurance - a universal API for access to insurance data. With Axle, companies can instantly verify insurance and monitor ongoing coverage, helping them create a frictionless experience for their users and reduce operational risk through better-informed decisions. Axle is backed by leading investors including Y Combinator and angels from companies like Plaid and Cox Automotive, with more to be announced soon!

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Latest Jobs

Product Engineer

Full Time

$90000 - $140000 yearly

Senior Product Engineer

Full Time

$100000 - $175000 yearly

Founders & Leadership

Axle Labs

Axle Labs

Co-founder of Axle

Cameron Duncan

Cameron Duncan

Co-founder of Axle

Armaan Sikand

Armaan Sikand

Co-founder of Axle

Nihar Parikh

Nihar Parikh

Co-founder of Axle

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Operating Status: Active

Funding Raised: $0

Investment Rounds: 0 Rounds

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Last Funding Date: Not Specified

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Axle's founders and individuals in key leadership positions?

Axle has 4 founders and people in key management positions. They are:
  • Axle Labs
  • Cameron Duncan
  • Armaan Sikand
  • Nihar Parikh
  • How long has Axle been in business?

    Axle was established in 2022 (1 years in business).

    Is Axle currently hiring?

    Yes, Axle is currently hiring for 2 job positions.

    Visit Axle's Jobs Page to view a list of all open positions.

    Which country is Axle headquartered in?

    Axle is based in United States.

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