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Co-founder of Liv Labs 

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November 2022


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About Melody Roberts

Melody is a career innovator of consumer conveniences. She is an optimist with a lifelong passion for improving daily life through better, more affordable products and services. Formerly: Panera, McDonald's, IDEO, Smart Design, Cooper-Hewitt. Education: Illinois Tech (MDes) and Yale University (BA). Colorado native.

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Liv Labs

Liv Labs

Liv Labs is a consumer healthtech company making modern solutions for incontinence. 29 million American women worry about leaking pee in public: an $8B market. Liv Labs is developing convenient self-care versions of proven-effective clinical treatments, including adaptive health coaching software and a novel continence pessary. Device inventor, Carly Price, reimagined the humble pillow for Casper and now leads digital retail design at Walmart. Company CEO, Melody Roberts, incubated digital service experiences now scaling globally at McDonald’s and Panera. We’ve raised $2.6M, including NIH and NSF grants, based on stellar effectiveness data and user feedback like, “With this, surgery is off the table.” US, European and Hong Kong utility patents have issued; Australia will soon. Our FDA-reviewed clinical trial launched at Northwestern University and continues at the OSU and UAB.

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